REG Emden

About the ​REG Emden Facility

  • Nameplate Capacity: 85,000 Tons / 27 Million Gallons
  • Feedstocks: ​Primarily used cooking oil
  • Production Start Date: 2008


Eichstraße 2-5
D-26725 Emden

Phone: +49 (0) 2862 / 9100 0
Fax +49 (0) 2862 / 9100 55

Loading Appointment Required: Yes

Yard Regulations

REG Emden is a commercial-scale, state-of-the-art biodiesel production facility in Emden, Germany. The REG Emden plant is run by Vital Fettrecycling GmbH, a company that is 100% owned by REG Germany GmbH.  Given its direct access to the North Sea and the European inland waterways network, the port of Emden has logistical and economic advantages. A 365-meter pipeline links the production facilities directly with a loading and unloading bridge on the jetty, at which ocean-going ships (up to 35,000 tons loading capacity) as well as inland waterway vessels can dock. In logistical terms, Emden is an ideal location for exporting biodiesel to countries in the European Union and the United States. Raw material imported from international markets can be unloaded easily and processed directly into biodiesel. 

The Emden seaport lies on the Ems estuary, 38 sea miles from the North Sea. Located on the Dutch ​border it is the westernmost German seaport. In terms of area covered, Emden is the third largest North Sea port in Germany. The airway in the port is deep enough to accommodate ocean-going vessels. Sea and inland locks enable ships to access the non-tidal inland port. As such, both ocean-going vessels and inland shipping are able to load and unload goods. From the port, inland shipping has a direct link to the European inland waterways network.

The REG Emden plant is currently producing the products biodiesel, glycerin, potassium sulfate, and biodiesel B.

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