REG administrative offices, employees at computers, monitors mounted on ceiling show charts and market prices related to operations management

Operations Management

We participate in each aspect of biorefinery management — from acquiring feedstock, overseeing construction and operating biodiesel production facilities to marketing, selling and distributing biodiesel and co-products.

A key element in successfully managing a biodiesel plant is the procurement of feedstock and managing a network of suppliers. Our strong knowledge and history in feedstock markets allows REG to procure a variety of feedstocks more efficiently and reliably than our competitors.

Pricing for feedstocks and biodiesel is volatile and not always closely correlated. However, the risks of price fluctuation can and have been mitigated by our array of management strategies. Drawing on the expertise of our own in-house risk management specialists as well as industry experts, REG can develop a comprehensive strategy to fit the needs of any biodiesel producer.

Advanced biofuel production requires significant interaction with regulatory and governmental agencies. REG employs full-time accounting, RIN management, environmental health and safety and information technology experts to manage every aspect of the supply chain.

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